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The College of Applied Sciences highlights its research area with four independent graduate programs, including the Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, the Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology, and the Graduate Institute of Patent. Each of these four institutes has its characteristics and areas of specialization. For their professions, please refer to the following pictures and the links redirecting to their research websites: 

Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology

GAST's research fields

Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering


Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination


Graduate Institute of Patent

Outstanding students from other countries are also welcome to study and excel in the four graduate programs. The number of courses taught in English increases, not only in line with the national policies but also to build an exceptional environment to promote the internationalization of the learning atmosphere. 
The college will keep pursuing essential learning and knowledge application, assisting our students with various and enriched professional research abilities and industry-applicable technology during their school years, being more specialized in their research areas of interest, to achieve the goal of starting a career at graduation.