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About Us

The College of Applied Sciences (formerly named Honors College) was founded in February 2008. The goal of the college is to follow up the permanent development of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) and to highlight multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary characteristics in the fields developed in NTUST and also in the fields of innovation area. 

With application at its core, the college pursues breakthroughs through the integration of resources across domains in cutting-edge fields. As Issac Newton once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” that would be the character and spirit of the college. Moreover, through diversified admissions, the college recruits undergraduate and graduate students aiming to cultivate top technology and leadership talents across fields. Through three strategic emphases on research, teaching, and expansion of student sources, the college steadily extends basic science to applied science and technology.

The College of Applied Sciences is made up of four independent graduate programs and two undergraduate programs, composed of the following: The Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, the Graduate Institute of Patent, the Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology, the Inter-Disciplinary Bachelor’s Program (a one-year program), and the Bachelor Degree Program of Applied Science and Technology (a three-year program).

The two undergraduate programs are for domestic students only. The students in the Inter-Disciplinary Bachelor’s Program have a variety of backgrounds: students with top marks in general high schools, elite athletes, and technically talented vocational high-school students. Students can choose their majors near the end of their first academic year at NTUST. The Bachelor Degree Program of Applied Science and Technology recruits second-year-and-above NTUST students with outstanding technical skills. They enjoy highly customized curriculums to further strengthen their skills and broaden their future career choices.

Our four graduate programs welcome outstanding students from all over the world to study and excel. In line with national policies, we gradually increase the number of courses taught in English and create a high-quality international environment to promote the internationalization of the learning environment and life field. Furthermore, through diverse admission channels, the college makes sure our talents of all fields can learn and have promising careers in their intended industries.

The College of Applied Sciences includes fields such as ‘physics’, ‘chemistry’, ‘science education’, ‘biomedical materials’, ‘biomechanics’, ‘biomedical electromechanical information’, ‘color and illumination’ as well as ‘patented intellectual property’. Our curriculums combine both practicum and theory. Through academic study and industry-academia cooperation/collaboration, students develop fundamental research and industry-applicable technology during their school years, understand the pulse of the industry, and achieve the goal of starting a career at graduation. 

In the future, the College of Applied Sciences will continue to combine both fundamental learning and knowledge application as its main goal. We will continue to design classes with both theoretical and practical applications to equip our students with an international outlook and creativity, capable of Integrating cross-domain knowledge and technologies. With the belief that technology comes from human nature, the College of Applied Sciences is committed to cultivating research talents to instill human factors in science and engineering, so that the development of applied technology is derived from human needs.