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【Announcement】 College of Applied Sciences united offices Renovation

College of Applied Sciences will carry out the renovation work of the joint office (College of Applied Sciences, Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Inter-Disciplinary Bachelor’s Program, Bachelor Degree Program of Applied Science and Technology, and Global Development Engineering Program) from 2018/7/16 to 2018/8/31, approved by our university. The rooms to be renovated include TR-929, TR-930, and TR-931.
During the renovation period, room TR-928 will be the temporary office to keep the administrative tasks going smoothly. Moreover, room TR-928 will not be available for use in July and August because of being the temporary office. In addition to the meeting rooms of TR-914 and TR-1010, TR-836 PBL room will also be available for use during the renovation period.
We apologize for the inconvenience that may bring to you during this period.
College of Applied Sciences
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